Build Company Culture and Loyalty With Gifting

Celebrate success and develop stronger bonds with employees and customers through thoughtful gifts.

The Hero Platform Makes it Easy to Build Culture

  • Customization at Scale
  • Same-Day Delivery
  • Simple to Use and Integrate
  • The End of Spreadsheets for Gifting

Delivering Smiles and Support with Thoughtful Gifting

Recognize team members and strengthen customer relationships with a curated gift program that speaks to them.

Bring Everyone Together with the Hero Dashboard

Built-in reporting and analytics tools provide actionable insights to stay organized and connected and keep within budget. Connect Slack, Salesforce, Calendly, Hubspot and more to automate time-consuming tasks in the gifting process.

ipad showing admin portal

Giver Admin Portal


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Investing in Others is the ROI

  • 36%

    of culture-focused businesses say they
    have significantly exceeded their top goals.

  • 81%

    of companies say they compete almost
    solely on culture and customer experience.

  • 94%

    of employees whose managers are personally
    invested in their success stay long-term.

From CS-Focused Leaders

Overall, we're very pleased with how this promotion went and we really appreciate all the work you and your team put in to make it a custom redemption experience.


Build a More Thoughtful Team with Hero

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